Bent Tram A/S
Mechanical Testing Solutions
Chamber for tensile tester
Self-supported two-fold body frame.
Made if stainless steel 2 mm 1.4301.
Melted, polished and brushed from the outside.

Heating power 2.3 kW (220 volt).
Range of temperature -80 deg. C to 280 deg. C (optional 350 deg. C)
Air circulation with a centric blower.

Front door contains of 4 glass-platens:
between inner glassplatens are heating coils to remove frosting of the glass.

Up and downhole has a teflon guide tube outside, V2a inside.
Insert shells can be added to reduce to a smaller diameter for the pullrods.

External regulator self-optimizing 0.1 deg C Sika TLK96 (optional Omron RS232 or Eurotherm RS485, analog in and out).

19" rack with 4 m cable and a solid plug on backside. Sensor PT100.

Frame to move chamber in and out of tensile tester. Chamber with adjustable feet is carried by the bearings and can be moved up to 611 mm away.

Heat up speed 15 deg C/min (from 20 to 80 deg. C without grip).

Cooling reguires liquid nitrogen, which is controlled by a magnet valve on backside of the chamber.

Temperature frostings of the internal glass can occure when opening the door and can be solved by using heating coils.
To come down to -80 deg C 4 kg liquid air is needed. To keep -80 deg C 0.5 kg liquid air per hour is needed.

InterfacesOptional RS232/RS485
Dimensions (WxDxH)360 x 480 x 766 mm
Operating temperature range-80 deg. C to 280 deg. C
OptionsDoor light / 350 deg. C temperature range / Heat exchanger