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BT36-St - Steel Compression plate

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- Hard materials, steel, plastics, stone etc.
- Hardened steel 58HRC
- Temperature range: 0°C - +350°C
- Nickel plated: -70°C - +350°C (on request)
- Max capacity depends on the size of coupling
- Scope of supply 1 plate
Maximum forceLengthWidthWeightMaterial
BT36-396x496-St396.00mm496.00mm41.00kgHardened steel 58HRC
BT36-196-St196.00mm196.00mm6.60kgHardened steel 58HRC
BT36-296-St296.00mm296.00mm13.60kgHardened steel 58HRC
BT36-246-St246.00mm246.00mm10.40kgHardened steel 58HRC
BT36-396x596-St396.00mm596.00mm50.00kgHardened steel 58HRC
BT36-100-St100.00mm100.00mm1.54kgHardened steel 58HRC
BT36-396-St396.00mm396.00mm33.00kgHardened steel 58HRC


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