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BT50 - Peel test fixture

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Used to measure the bond strength. The sliding table provides a steady movement to maintain aconstant angle peel (the peel point remains at thecentre).

Maximum forceWeightMaterialSpecimen lengthSpecimen width
BT5010000.0N5.15kgSteel, manganese phosphate coated250.00mm50.00mm
BT50+SW10000.0N7.10kgSteel, manganese phosphate coated250.00mm50.00mm

ASTM D3330Standard Test Method for Peel Adhesion of Pressure-Sensitive Tape
EN 1939Self adhesive tapes. Measurement of peel adhesion from stainless steel or from its own backing
ISO 29862Self adhesive tapes -- Determination of peel adhesion properties

Example pictures

BT50 Peel test fixture

BT50 Horizontal peel fixture

BT50 W130-2

BT50 + SW 0-30° variable adjustable angle