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BTS527 - Wedge grip 20, 50 and 100 kN

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Self-clamping specimen holders. The body moves upwards. The jaws move only horizontally. The main gripping force is generated during the test by wedging action.

Open princple - wider jaws are possible.

Jaws for BTS527-20

Item No. Surface Opening [mm]
BTS527-20-BP10 Pyramid jaws 1.2x45° 0-10
BTS527-20-BP16 Pyramid jaws 1.2x45° 6-16
BTS527-20-BP22 Pyramid jaws 1.2x45° 12-22
BTS527-20-BV10 V-jaws Sample Ø 3 – 10
BTS527-20-BV16 V-jaws Sample Ø 6 - 16
BTS527-20-BV22 V-jaws Sample Ø 12 - 22

Jaws for BTS527-50

Item No. Surface Opening [mm]
BTS527-50-BP17 Pyramid jaws 1.2x45° 0 – 17
BTS527-50-BP30 Pyramid jaws 1.2x45° 15 – 30
BTS527-50-BV17 V-jaws Sample Ø 4 - 17
BTS527-50-BV30 V-jaws Sample Ø 16 – 30

Jaws for BTS527-100

Item No. Surface Opening [mm]
BTS527-100-BP16 Pyramid jaws 1.2x45° 0 – 16
BTS527-100-BP30 Pyramid jaws 1.2x45° 15 - 30
BTS527-100-BV16 V-jaws Sample Ø 5 – 16
BTS527-100-BV30 V-jaws Sample Ø 16 - 30
Maximum forceOpeningWeightMaterialSpecimen width
BTS527-2020000.0N22.00mm5.50kgSteel, phosphate coated40.00mm
BTS527-5050000.0N30.00mm17.00kgSteel, phosphate coated80.00mm
BTS527-100100000.0N30.00mm48.00kgSteel, phosphate coated100.00mm

EN 302-1Adhesives for load-bearing timber structures - Test methods - Part 1: Determination of longitudinal tensile shear strength

Example pictures



BTS527-100 Drawing



BTS527-20-Ni Nickel coating


BTS527-20 Drawing




BTS527-50 Drawing


BTS527-50-Ni-T250 Nickel Teflon coating for 250°C