Bent Tram A/S
Mechanical Testing Solutions

All grips

BE3023 Point bending with fixed supports
BE3033 Point bending with one support free to move
BE3013 Point bending with round supports
BE4014 point bending
Compression round
BT23-A-B-AlAluminum plate
BTS223kCompression plate (steel Ø12-25mm)
BTS223gCompression plate (steel Ø30-40mm)
BTS223iCompression plate (aaluminum Ø8mm)
CR501Point load foot
BT23-A-B-StSteel plate
Compression square
COSJ14Aluminium Compression plate with spherical joint
BT36Aluminum Compression plate
BT36-LAluminum plate (foam testing)
BT36-StSteel Compression plate
Concrete jigs
CJ115Splitting tensile apparatus
High temperature
BTS691Adapter for high temperature measurements
BTS321Wedge grip for high temperature ranges
Mortar jigs
MJ-CMortar Jig - Compression
MJ-FMortar Jig - Flexural
BT50Peel test fixture
BTS1086Pin grip
PU18Hardened steel ball
PU16Steel punch
PU17Test nail
TE15Screw Extraction Fixture
TE14Tension plate and support plate
TEHS11Tension plates with hooks and shackle
TEHS12Tension plates with mushroom hook and shackle
VG21Grip for paper
BT154Vice grip (10kN & 20kN)
BT240kVice grip (1kN & 2.5kN)
BT56kVice grip (1kN)
BTS90Vice grip (50kN)
BT240gVice grip (5kN)
BT56gVice grip (5kN)
BT243Wedge grip (20 & 50kN)
BT256Wedge grip 10kN
BTS527Wedge grip 20, 50 and 100 kN