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AUT 11

Autoclave (11l volume)

Autoclave 11 liters 16 bar

AUT 11 is designed for autoclaving (curing) test specimens of fibrecement and calcium-silicate in a laboratory. The autoclave is often used in conjunction with our filter box and filter press.

When the samples are to be autoclaved they are positioned on a rack which is lowered down into the autoclave. The autoclaving procedure is automatic. The temperature-raise-time and top-temperature as well as the holding-time is easily preset on the controller. The autoclave is constructed and approved for up to 16 bar saturated steam pressure. On the side of the cylinder is fitted a pressure gauge and an exhaust valve. In order to ensure optimal safety AUT11 is equipped with several safety devices. There is an approved burst-plate fitted in the flange on the side of the autoclave.

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Weight100 kg
Supply Voltage230 V with ground, 50 Hz
Height800 mm
Width700 mm
Depth600 mm
Volume11 l
Max operating pressure16 bar
Heating element1.5 kW
Operating temperature10°C - 203°C