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MTG-Pipe - 1.2 m

Mechanical Thickness Gauge for pipes - 1.2 m

Mechanical Thickness Gauge - Pipe

The supports for the metal pipes of the MTG-Pipe-1.2 m can be adjusted up to 1.2 m apart.

The MTG-Pipe-1.2 m comes with two metal pipes at 12mm and 32mm diameter, to support testing various sizes of pipes.
As standard it comes with one sensor head/display - as an option it ca be supplied with 2 sensor head/display
Weight30 kg
Height840 mm
Width1250 mm
Depth420 mm
Max thickness to be measured140 mm
Max outer diameter666 mm
Min inner diameter15 mm

EN 13467Thermal insulating products for building equipment and industrial installations - Determination of dimensions, squareness and linearity of preformed pipe insulation