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PTG Manual

Thickness gauge 50 Pa (EN823)
Thickness gauge 250 Pa (EN823)
Thickness gauge 20 Pa (EN14064-1 Annex J.1)


Plate size 200 x 200 mm
Pressure 50 ±1.5 Pa (weight 198-210 g)
Pressure 250 ±5 Pa (weight 999-1039 g)
Pressure 20 ±1.5 Pa (weight 75-88 g)
Max thickness to be measured: 280 mm

Using the Thickness gauge:

To measure a thickness place the plate with the pin on the sample. Push the pin until it reaches the table below.

Support the hose with 2 fingers and push the thumb in the middle to BEND THE HOSE and hold the pin in position - and pull the whole assembly out of the sample.

After turning the plate measure the extension length of the pin = sample thickness.

Assembly instruction:

The parts for one Thickness gauge - Pin model.

Fit the bush in the plate hole (from the backside) and add the washers as shown and fit the nut.

Tighten the nut until the bush is flat with the back surface - and tighten an extra 90 deg and untighten the 90 deg.

Bush seenn from backside - flat with surface of plate.

Screw the hose onto the bush - as shown. Then insert the pin - and the assembly is finished.

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