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I am interested in the following testers
UCT - Universal compression and tension testing machine
FFT - Open Frame Flexual Tester
UCT Wide - Universal compression and tension testing machine with wide frame
TEN - Tensile testing machine
AGM - Angle Meter
IJF - Intelli-Jack with frame
CON4 - 4 Column concrete testing machine
CON - Hydraulic testing machine
DST - Dynamic Stiffness Tester
AUT - Autoclave
PIT - Pendulum Impact Tester
PCU - Pressure control unit
PTG - Pin thickness gauge
RFT - Universal Platform Tester
SUT - Small Universal Test Machine
UTM - Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine
LTG - Laser Thickness Gauge
MLG - Mechanical Length Gauge
ITJ - Intelli-Jack
TDG - Telescopic Diagonal Gauge
MTG-Pipe - Mechanical Thickness Gauge for pipes
PID - Pipe insulation inner diameter dorn set

Product to be tested / Material to be tested

Which standard

Location of testmachine:

Size of test specimens:
Length: mm
Width: mm
Thickness: mm

Number of testings per day (approximately):

Required force range:
Min: N
Max: N

Required stroke length:

Stroke speed range:
Min: mm/min
Max: mm/min

Preferred language of the software

Additional preferences:


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