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Sensor to USB

Using a loadcell with a Laptop PC.

The LINK loadcell-to-USB is a small, light box that connects directly to a USB connector on a PC - and a loadcell. No external power supply is required. The unit comes with the TramSmart software running on Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7

Using the TramSmart software you can save identification (with calibration data) for several loadcells, and when starting the TramSmart software you select the connected loadcell from a list. The load is displayed on the PC and it can be transferred to any Windows program - just by using a shortcut key. Due to the extremely high accuracy it is ideal for calibration purposes, but it is also very handy for all kinds of in-field measurements. You can save snapshot values or you can select continuos sampling - and the data will be put in the clipboard - ready for pasting into any program.

The TSU - Sensor to USB:

  • Is ideal for a full-bridge sensor, e.g. a loadcell, pressure sensor or an extensometer.
  • It can also be used for potentiometer, thermocouple and other low voltage sensors.
  • Is an easy way to record measurements of Force, Strain, position, temperature etc. on a PC.
  • Is ideal for both snapshot as well as continuos recording.
  • Have an outstanding accuracy and a resolution with more than 1 million divisions.
  • Is ideal for various laboratory and in-field measurements.
  • Is the answer for all calibration purposes with force/ pressure sensors and extensometer.
  • Is small and light - only 470 g
  • Simultaneous sampling of all channels
  • Optional external trigger button in a 2m long wire

Simple to use software will enable the operator to grow familiar with the LINK-sensor-to-USB after a very short time, even if he has no experience at all in operating a PC. The equipment offers a great opportunity to improve both laboratory and in-field measurements through instantaneous data generation. It is ideal for calibrating testing machines according to EN ISO 7500-1.

With TramSmart for Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7:

  • Automatically detects LINK 4-loadcell-to-USB at startup of TramSmart
  • On demand or continuos recording of measurements
  • Various calibration methods and identification of any channel combination
  • Simultaneously display of all channels and channel-combinations.
  • Shortcut key to transfer measurements to any MS Windows program.
  • Optional display of additional devices, e.g. Thickness Gauge, Extensometer, extra loadcells, balances etc

Due to the modular design and the versatility of the software, tailored systems can be offered at a moderate price.

Please contact TRAM or your local distributor for additional information.

InterfacesUSB - (power supply via USB)
Dimensions (WxDxH)130x108x58 mm
Connections1,2 or 4 as standard (Strain-gauges, loadcells, extensometers, potentiometers etc.)
Sensor excitation5 V
Loadcell drive capacity150-2000 Ω
Sensor wiring4 or 6
Sensor input rangeTypical ±1-4 mV/V (adjustable 1-1000 mV/V) (Gain = 1 to 128)
Signa filtersinc3 or sinc4 filter: 1,2-1200 Hz Optional extra software filter in TramSmart (moving average)
Resolutionmax. ±2 million increments (±250,000 at 2 mV/V)
Temperature effect on zeroBetter than 1ppm/°C
Temperature effect on spanTypical 1ppm/°C
Store temperature range-20...+60°C (Avoid wet and moist conditions)
Operating temperature rangeCompensated 0...+40°C (Avoid wet and moist conditions)
DriftTypical 10 ppm /1000hours (gain 1)
Ingress ProtectionIP50
Weight0.5 kg