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The calibration menu is located in the calendar window. The most common calibrateable devices are load, deformation and some kind of external device e.g. a length transducer.

Calibrating load

calibration method

Normally, the load device is calibrated with a simple formula e.g. (x-a)*b or simular. Internally in TramQA, a converter takes care of the calibration process.

The available calibration methods for a converter are:

Normally, the deadweight calibrationmethod is used for loadcells.

Alternatively, the load device can be calibrated with a linearizing device which is a calibration consisting of multiple points. Click Linearizer calibration to read more about calibrating multipoint devices.

Calibrating machinedeformation

A machine has an internal deformation caused by the deformation in the machine frame and loadcell when loaded. Because of this, the internal registered deformation is adjusted according to the current load. To do this adjustment, the machine's deformation at different loads, throughout the loadrange, needs to be known. Take a look at Adjuster Calibration to learn how to collect a machinedeformation curve.