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Standard Test Methods for Physical Testing of Gypsum Panel Products

ASTM C473 Nail pull

ASTM C473 End hardness

ASTM C473 Flexural strength

These test methods cover the physical testing of gypsum panel products. The test methos appear in the following order:

  • flexural strength (Method A)
  • core, end, and edge hardness (Method A)
  • nail pull resistance (Method A)
  • humidified deflection
  • end squareness
  • nominal thickness
  • recessed- or tapered-edge depth
  • width
  • length
  • water resistance of core-treated water repellant gypsum panel products
  • surface water resistance of gypsum panel products with water-repellant surfaces.

For use in these test methods, a sample shall consist of gypsum panel products. Flexural properties of gypsum panel products are evaluated by supporting the specimen near the ends and applying a transverse load midway between the supports. The core, end, and edge hardness of gypsum panel products is evaluated by determining the force required to push a steel punch into the area of test. The ability of gypsum panel products to resist nail pull-through is evaluated by determining the loaded required to push a standard nail head through the product. The humidified deflection of gypsum panel products is evaluated by supporting a specimen that has been cut with the long dimension perpendicular to the machine detection, supported horizontally, and subjected to high humidity.

Machines suited for the ASTM C473 standard:
IJFIntelli-Jack with frame

BE3023 Point bending with fixed supports
PU16Steel punch
PU17Test nail