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ASTM D3330

Standard Test Method for Peel Adhesion of Pressure-Sensitive Tape

These test methods are tools for quality assurance use. Given specific pressure-sensitive tape and a requirement in terms of the minimum or maximum peel value expected for this tape, the data from the test can be used in conjunction with acceptance criteria.

Machines suited for the ASTM D3330 standard:
IJFIntelli-Jack with frame
UCT Universal compression and tension testing machine
UCT WideUniversal compression and tension testing machine with wide frame

BT50Peel test fixture
BT154Vice grip (10kN & 20kN)
BT240kVice grip (1kN & 2.5kN)
BT56gVice grip (5kN)
BT56kVice grip (1kN)
BT240gVice grip (5kN)