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EN 302-1

Adhesives for load-bearing timber structures - Test methods - Part 1: Determination of longitudinal tensile shear strength

This European Standard specifies a method for determining the shear strength of adhesive bonds in close contact glue line and thick glue line. A tension test is performed on a specimen. The maximum force is registered and the shear force is calculated in N/mm2

Machines suited for the EN 302-1 standard:
UCT Universal compression and tension testing machine

BT154Vice grip (10kN & 20kN)
BT56gVice grip (5kN)
BT240gVice grip (5kN)
BTS90Vice grip (50kN)
BT243Wedge grip (20 & 50kN)
BT256Wedge grip 10kN
BTS527Wedge grip 20, 50 and 100 kN