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EN 6892

Metallic materials - Tensile testing - Part 1: Method of test at room temperature

This international standard specifies procedures for testing the tensile properties of metallic materials.

Besides carrying our own range of machines for EN ISO 6892, we also supply extensometers to be used in other setups.

Bent Tram A/S has great experience with upgrading existing testing machines for this standard. For example an old testing machine (Amsler, MFL, Losenhausen, WPM, Mohr & Federhaff, Roell + Korthaus, Tinius Olsen  or others) can be upgraded with new measuring and automatic test execution capabilities to live up to current requirements.

Machines suited for the EN 6892 standard:
PCUPressure control unit
UCT Universal compression and tension testing machine
UTMHydraulic Universal Testing Machine

TSUSensor to USB