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Strain Gauged Column 2MN for EN 12390-4

Parts list:

  • EN12390-4 Strain Gauged Column/ 2 MN Force sensor class 1/0.5 - with calibration certificate.
  • Two spacer blocks - matching the 2MN Force sensor (50 mm high).
  • Frame with magnets (DIN51302) for precise displacement of Strain Gauged Column - with 12 VDC supply.
  • Link 4-loadcells-to-USB
  • TramSmart software for Windows XP
  • Carrying case holding all the parts (Flight Case 44*37*28 cm)

Using a Strain Gauged Column with a Laptop PC.

An EN 12390-4 Strain Gauged Column is configured so that it also works as a force sensor. It connects to the LINK 4-loadcells-to-USB and you have a complete calibration system for force and strain distribution. The Link is a small, light box that connects directly to a USB connector on a PC - and the Strain Gauged Column (or 4 individual loadcells/pressure transducers/extensometers). The unit comes with the TramSmart software running on Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Using the TramSmart software you can save identification (and calibration) for each of the 4 connections as well as for any combination of the gauges - e.g. sum of the 4 gauges - as well a calibration formula for this sum. The readings are all displayed on the PC and it can be transferred to any Windows program - just by using a shortcut key. Due to the extremely high accuracy of the Link it is ideal for calibration purposes. You can save snapshot values or you can select continuos sampling - and the data will be put in the clipboard - ready for pasting into any program.

The LINK 4-loadcell-to-USB.

  • Is ideal for full-bridge sensors, e.g. a loadcell, pressure sensor or an extensometer.
  • Simultaneously recording on 4 individual connections on a PC.
  • Is ideal for both snapshot as well as continuos recording.
  • Have an outstanding accuracy and a resolution with more than 1 million divisions.
  • Is ideal for various laboratory measurements.
  • Is ideal for a strain gauged column according to EN12390-4.
  • Powered from USB - no power-supply required.
  • Is small and light - only 470 g

Simple to use software will enable the operator to grow familiar with the LINK 4-loadcell-to-USB after a very short time, even if he has no experience at all in operating a PC.

The equipment offers a great opportunity to improve both laboratory and in-field measurements through instantaneous data generation. It is ideal for calibrating testing machines according to EN ISO 7500-1 and EN12390

Due to the modular design and the versatility of the software, tailored systems can be offered at a moderate price.

Dimensions (WxDxH)130x108x58 mm
Connections4 (One for each strain-gauge)
Sensor excitation5 V
Loadcell drive capacity150-2000 Ω
Sensor wiring4 or 6
Sensor input rangeTypical ±1-4 mV/V (adjustable 1-1000 mV/V) (Gain = 1 to 128)
Signa filtersinc3 or sinc4 filter: 1,2-1200 Hz Optional extra software filter in TramSmart (moving average)
Resolutionmax. ±2 million increments (±250,000 at 2 mV/V)
Temperature effect on zeroBetter than 1ppm/°C
Temperature effect on spanTypical 1ppm/°C
Store temperature range-20...+60°C (avoid wet or moist conditions)
Operating temperature rangeCompensated 0...+40°C (avoid wet or moist conditions)
DriftTypical 10 ppm /1000hours (gain 1)
Ingress ProtectionIP50
Weight0.5 kg