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TramQA Import/Export module

The import and export modules of TRAM-QA provide capabilities to import and export the quality assurance data directly to a central database where all your product specific data are stored. A central database combined with the import and export modules for Tram-QA gives you a lot of advantages:

Combining process data and quality test data for trend analysis and feedback for process and product optimisation.
All your data are accessible through your network – instantly, where and when you need it.
You have live access to your QA data as it is being produced.
Automatic charting (control charts, distribution charts etc.) visualizes your QA data simply by importingit into, e.g. MS Excel.
Elimination of errors and delays caused by manually entered data.

You can analyse your QA data with your favourite report generator. This gives you capabilities to produce QA reportsfor products designatedfor a particular customer, or to prepare internal QA reports based on all your production data or selected parts of it

A central database holding all your QA data gives you a unique tool for continuous fine-tuning of your production- based on the latest QA-measurements.

Errors from manually entered data can be avoided by automatic import of key values and material specifications, e.g. nominal thickness based on product numbers. Even a barcode reader may be used for the import of data. This will ensure faultless data entry and significantly improve the quality of your QA data.

The import module provides the facilities to draw from existing data resources and apply them to TRAM-QA. This makes it easy to obtain and enter new data and makes data entry highly fault tolerant.

The automated export features of Tram-QA provide the ability to transfer collected product data into a centralized data resource. Having all relevant data organised in one database open new possibilities for making detailed reports and statistics on the production - and with a minimum of time and effort.

Tram-QA includes a variety of templates to control how data collected by the test machine is presented and formatted for import and export. The import/export properties of the templates are easy to adjust, and still it gives a wide range of possibilities

ADO based import module

The ADO (ActiveX Data Objects) import module in Tram-QA enables import from database systems supplied by many providers such as MS SQL, Excel and Access, CSV files, Oracle and any ODBC based provider. Data previously entered manually into Tram-QA may now be imported from a central database, where you manage and maintain up-to-date information about your products such as product dimensions, weight, various nominal values and other characteristics. When you need this information in Tram-QA you simply import it. This will eliminate the risk of faulty entered data. Additionally, data may be imported from data sources holding data collected by external measuring devices such as dimension gauges, lambda measuring units, etc.

ADO based export module

The ADO export module in Tram-QA adds export functionality towards a variety of database systems, including MS SQL, Access, Excel. When new test values have been collected, Tram-QA export will automatically update the external database. This provides live updating of your database, making it possible to take immediate action based on the latest data. If you have already collected and accumulated data in Tram-QA, you may choose to make a bulk transfer to an external database in one single export procedure. If you need to analyse only selected parts of data stored in Tran-QA, the filter option in Tram-QA helps you to export exactly the data you need.

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