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TramQA update rate issues

Tram testing equipment is delivered with TramQA software and a PC suitable for running testing machines. If the PC is replaced or the PCs configuration is altered, you may be at risk of experiencing update rate issues.

Our product warranty covers the complete test equipment as a whole. The PC is included in this complete test equipment solution. Our product warranty for the performance of the complete test equipment is void if the PC is replaced by a PC which has not been approved by Bent Tram A/S.

TramQA runs in a closed control loop with the testing machine where thousands of measurement values are exchanged each second. This task sets high requirements for the PC hardware and many office PCs are not able to meet this challenge. It is very important that TramQA gets as much CPU time as possible with as little desturbance from other applications as possible.

In systems based on NImx, update rate issues can result in the following error:

On USB based systems, update rate issues can result in the following error:


  1. If the PC has an antivirus program installed be sure that the virusscanning process does not run while TramQA is executing tests
  2. Is there running other programs on the PC such as camera- or printer software. Use Windows Task Manager to see which programs occupies the CPU.
  3. Is the harddrive healthy? Bad sectors can occupy the CPU when Windows tries to access them. Scan the harddrive for bad sectors.
  4. Scan the PC for virus and malware.
  5. For USB systems, unplug any other USB devices such as memory sticks, cameras, blue tooth adapters, wi-fi adapters etc.
  6. If a PC with fan is used, ensure that all ventilation holes in the PC are clean - also check fans and heat sinks inside the PC
  7. The PC must be restarted with maximum 24 hours interval
  8. All power saving features on the PC must be disabled. Sleep and hibernate modes can cause hardware and drivers to malfunction
  9. A single poorly written device-driver can degrade performance on the entire PC. Check that the drivers installed are up to date. Try to find alternative drivers from another vendor. It can be very defficult to diagnose driver problems and in many cases it is much more cost effective to use a PC that suits the needs right out of the box.