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Tram Smart

TramSmart makes it easy and fast to perform and record a large number of measurements. It is a tailor-made interface between a serial (RS232) measuring device and any Windows Program (e.g. MS-Excel, Access). Depending on your choice of measuring device you will be able to record various types of data. You can record dimensions and dimensional changes with the LG210 & TT20, weight and weight changes with a Balance, thickness of special materials with the Laser Gauge TG300 etc. TramSmart can handle several devices at the same time.

The results of tests performed with each measuring device are transferred and recorded directly into e.g. MS Excel. This way typing errors or lost data are completely avoided and an accurate storage of all test data is obtained with minimum user-involvement.

To transfer the measurements, just set-up line/row jump for each measurement transfer. Push Ctrl+C (or set-up another keystroke that you prefer), and you are on your way.

The name of the chosen measuring device. The result is shown. Push the button to set the zero position. Press Ctrl+Q to transfer the value to any open Windows program.

  • Direct transport of data to MS Excel from certain devices with RS232 interface.
  • One-button measurement.
  • 100% reliable, no more mistyping.
  • Set-up measuring line/row jump for each measurement transfer.
  • Fully compatible with Windows XP/Vista.
  • Available in YOUR language.
  • Can be used even on a portable PC

Requirements: * One available COM port

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