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Angle Meter
Agm - angle meter

The angle meter offers an easy and precise way to measure the deviation from squareness of insulation materials – as required by EN 824 Thermal insulating products for building applications – Determination of squareness.

The material is placed on the support plate, and the deviation is instantly visible on the display. The default unit of measurement is mm per 500 mm, but this can be changed linearly to any desired unit.

The surface size is 103×68 cm, and it works well with much larger samples. Weight: Approx. 30 kg.

The base support is bolted to a table (or floor stand).

Weight30 kg



EN 824Thermal insulating products for building applications – Determination of squareness


Optional accessories:

External power supply Cable for connecting to PC, either by USB or serial port By using the PC connection the measurement can be transferred directly into the active cell on any Windows program – e.g. MS Excel.

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