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Small Universal Test Machine

SUT, the Small Universal compression/tension Tester offers a unique solution for small scale testing, where limited force is required for tension and compression testing. It is ideally suited to quality assurance and process control as well as research and development. The machine is equipped with special grips and compression plates, according to the type of specimens that are to be tested. Exchanging the grips for different types of testing is very simple.. The standard maximum stroke length is 520mm, but it depends slightly on the products tested and the grips required for the specific type of testing.

It is capable of performing a range of testing procedures and can be set up for relevant international or national standards. The various testing procedures can easily be set up by using the keyboard situated on the machine. In the display the actual measurements of load/deformation can be followed while testing a specimen. The load/deformation is displayed in Newton. When the maximum load has been found it is indicated in the display, together with the corresponding deformation. Furthermore, the fracture load and deformation can be displayed.

SUT 3000/1000SUT 3000/325SUT 3000/520SUT 5000/520
Loadcell Capacity3000 N3000 N3000 N5000 N
Weight45 kg40 kg40 kg45 kg
Max stroke length3000 mm325 mm520 mm520 mm
Free arm (frame dist)66 mm
Resolution0.02 N0.02 N0.02 N0.05 N
Supply Voltage220/240 V or 110/120 V, 50-60 Hz
Speed Range1-500 mm/min as standard
Height1518 mm941 mm1036 mm1516 mm
Width300 mm
Depth390 mm
Loading speed controlServo controlled travelling speed.
Control systemThe machine can operate on its own - without any connection to a PC. The machine can also be supplied in a Professional Version where the advanced TramQA software makes almost any testing and reporting fully automatic. - refer the separate Tram-QA brochure.

ISO 1924-2Paper and board - Determination of tensile properties
ISO 6383-1Film and sheeting - Determination of tear resistance - Trouser tear method

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