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Pressure control unit

Designed for the Tram line of hydraulic testing machine the PCU 300 bar is a stand-alone pressure control unit. The unit contains everything needed to control the machine, including motor, pump, reservoir and a PC. Due to the unique design of the unit, it is extremely reliable, and requires no maintenance. Also the pump does not run when the machine is not running, resulting in very little heating of the oil. This makes the unit absolutely quiet between testing; even the PC contains no fans, resulting in no noise. The unit is available in both single- and dual-action versions, with the single-action version containing no expensive, complicating valves. The PC simply regulates directly on the motor to give the required pressure, using a closed loop control updating more than 2000 times pr. second.

The computer is a fanless, embedded PC, running MS Windows 7, giving the customer the choice between many languages. All operation of the testing machine can be done from the computer, running from manually operating the machine, to fully automated testing at the press of a single key. The Tram QA software automatically reads the required test data, and calculates any needed results from the test.

The entire unit is self-contained and can be run from a single 230V outlet. The unit is also ideal for modernisation projects on used hydraulic testing systems.v

PCU 300-DAPCU 300-SA
Weight100 kg100 kg
Supply Voltage230 V, 50 Hz Standby: 14 W (excl. PC) Running: Typical 300 W, max 1500W
Height870 mm870 mm
Width700 mm700 mm
Depth300 mm300 mm
Control systemUSB-connection to PC. The TRAM QA software makes the testing, filing and analysing of data extremely versatile – refer to the separate brochure for the software.
Max pressure300 bar300 bar
Max flow rate4.5 liter/min4.5 liter/min
Tank size15 liter15 liter
ValvesDirection valvesNone

EN 6892Metallic materials – Tensile testing – Part 1: Method of test at room temperature
ISO 6892Metallic materials – Tensile testing – Part 1: Method of test at room temperature

A simple calibration procedure is included in the software. Furthermore it has an advanced overload protection system that prevents damaging the testing machine.

The equipment offers a great opportunity to improve quality management through instantaneous data generation. In spite of the highly advanced and automatic testing procedure operation is easy.

Due to the modular design of the equipment and the versatility of the software, tailored systems can be offered at a moderate price. Please contact TRAM or your local distributor for additional informationv

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