Mechanical Test of Materials

Customized testing solutions for mechanical tests

Danish Design of Mechanical Tests

We specialize in mechanical test of materials, and we have more than 30 years of experience within developing mechanical tests of materials in different industries. We offer all our customers specialized testing solutions because we want the machines to give the best and accurate results. Therefore, we automate all our testing solutions, so it is easy for every unskilled worker to run tests on their materials. Our solutions are based on standard solutions but will be adjusted for individual use if needed. We do this to make sure that all our customers get the right outcome when testing their materials.

We design and manufacture all machines by ourselves in Denmark and sell globally to Germany, Finland, US, Australia, etc. Regardless of the distribution destination, we test and calibrate all the machines before shipment. We guide our customers in finding the right solution as well as getting the right grips and accessories. Therefore, the most important thing for us is to be in close cooperation with our customers to make sure they get the right solution.


Why TRAM is the best solution for mechanical test of materials

Personal dialogue when finding the right mechanical tests

Personal dialogue

We always start with a close dialogue to find the right fit for you, and here we figure out what material, standard, power, and size the machine needs.

Customized solution for mechanical tests

Customized solution

After our dialogue, the process begins, and your new testing machine will be customized and constructed. If you already have a specialized testing machine from us and want it upgraded or reconstructed, we can also do that.

Different standard types

Different standards

The machine will fulfill a certain standard type depending on your product. The standards we work with - EN, ISO, ASTM, etc. - are highly acknowledged worldwide.

Grips and Accessories for mechanical test machines

Specialized grips & accessories

We focus on the needed additional equipment, and we help you in finding the right things for the machine. It all depends on your solution. Therefore, we offer different kinds of grips and accessories

TRAMQA software used for our mechanical test of materials

TRAMQA software program

Your customized solution will include our unique software system, TRAMQA. For every solution, the TRAMQA software will be implemented to give easy operation of the test machine and automatic calculation and storage of the data.

Yearly service at Tram

Yearly service

We strive to give the best service to our customers throughout the process. We offer full support, maintenance, and calibration before and after the delivery.

Different industries for mechanical test of materials


We exist to help develop testing solutions for all industries from the manufacturing industry to educational institutions. Our testing machines are used for different mechanical tests of materials from hearing aids-test to concrete pipes and sound absorption test. We are proud of every case we have worked with, and our areas of expertise are to give all our customers the best and most precise results with our solutions. We do this by designing automatic generating test machines. 

Intelli-jack test machine
hydraulic universal testing machine

Interested in our test machines?

All Tram machines are delivered at least as class 1 machines. On the left button below, you can go through the catalogue of our standard test machines. On the right button below, you can search by materials or standards. Whether you are looking for one or several purposes, we will customize the best solution for you. Give us a call if you need personal guidance.