Our company


TRAM A/S is a Danish family-owned company and have more than 30 years of experience. We develop and produce customized testing machines and specialize in finding solutions to test materials. Our machines are sold globally in countries such as Finland, US, Denmark, Germany, etc. We design and manufacture all machines and accessories either by ourselves or in close cooperation with long term partners.   

Today, we specialize in generating automatic testing systems to provide accurate test results, and therefore we have developed a software system for our customers. Our software package – TRAMQA – is used to monitor the test sequence, to collect the test data and to display the test results. With the TRAMQA system integrated into the machines, the results will be automatically generated and accurate.

Our Vision

TRAMs vision is to provide and give the best service to our customers with our specialized testing solutions. We want to continue expanding our knowledge within technology and automated testing systems. The value we want to give our customers is security and accuracy.   

Our Approach

To give our customers the best possible outcome with their testing machine, we have developed a system that provides full storage of data and accurate testing results. With the TRAMQA system integrated in the machine, we can help you in optimizing your results and minimize incorrect entry.

Our Process

We specialize and customize our process for individual use to make sure that our vision is fulfilled. The process might seem long-lasting, but it is necessary. With dialogue, we can figure out which kind of testing solution that suits you the best. Then, the process of building the test machine starts.

The TRAM Team

TRAM A/S consists of a team of hardworking people. In the front, we have CEO Knud Sørensen, who makes sure that everything is working correctly. Knud is responsible for the contact to our customers, where he also manages the sales. Everyone in this company shares the same goal: to develop automatic and customized testing solutions. Therefore, the company is built around the best people in different fields. To create and built our testing machines, it is essential to have people specialized in sales, engineering, and software. We are happy to have all these incredible people in our team, and we are ready to assist you in getting the right testing machine for your company.


We assist a wide range of industries with mechanical test of materials, and it makes no difference to us whether you are a small local firm or a global concern. Our goals are the same, and we offer high quality services to all our customers. Some of the cases we are working on are within the insulation industry, steel, and gypsum industry. However, we can test all kinds of materials from hearing-aids to peel-tests.