Bent Tram A/S

Process – Find your next test machine

At Tram A/S we have more than 30 years of experiencewithin development of test machinery for use indifferent industries. Our solutions are based on a standard solution but will always be adjusted for theindividual user.

Step 1:

The necessary information

To find the right solution for every individual customer, we always start out by asking for the following information:

  • Material
  • Standard
  • Size of test subject
  • Power

If the customer is not sure on how muchpower is needed, we will figure it out based onthe material and standard

Step 2:


Ones the basic information is in place, we start to focus on what additional equipment is needed within

  • Fixtures(3 grips)
  • Weight, Extensometer

Step 3:

Formal collaboration

Together, we create a formal contract about the solution, focusing on topics as expectations toward economy, delivery terms and time of delivery.

Step 4:


The finished product will be a joint solution,which is tested and calibrated before delivery.

Step 5:


At the delivery, we install the machine, so it is ready for use. Furthermore, we provide instructions regarding how to use it aswell as how to read data from the machine. Before we leave, we test the machine with the customer and make possible adjustments, so we are sure the machine does exactly what it is supposed to do.

Step 6:


During the first year, we provide full supportby telephone or e-mail, to make sure everycustomer gets a good start with their newmachine.

Step 7:

Calibration and service

One year after the purchase of the machine,we will calibrate the machine as well as talkabout annual savings as well as the advantagesof knowing the presented data