TRAMQA – Automated testing system


Our focus is on generating an automatic testing solution to which the risk of incorrect entry is minimized, and the results are optimized. 


TRAMQA is a simple and effective software package that generates fast and accurate data. With its automatic storing of data and calculation of key-figures, TRAMQA makes it easy for the user to control and handle different tests and product types. Our system is customized, and the measurements, results and calculations will be set to meet your individual requirements. Not only does TRAMQA control the testing of products. It also creates a dated LogBook that displays the results in a Spreadsheet with specific formulas for the sampled type.

Why do we offer a unique software system?

We have generated our own system to optimize the results accuracy when testing materials. With a system that is specially designed for the Tram Testers equipment, we can assure the quality in every test solution and make it more recognizable for the users. This makes the created interface more useable for our customers and, in the long term, it creates more value for our customers. It is also possible to integrate TRAMQA into your ERP system.

If you want to read more about our TRAMQA system, go to the page or download our PDF-file for a mere detailed description.