Tram A/S consumes the global market

The Northern Jutlandic test machine producer is about to deliver test machines to four continents the next couple of months. The market in Denmark also shows a high demand for test machines produced and delivered by Tram A/S.

The order book and production are both very well filled up at Tram A/S in Aalborg. Since fall 2022, the demand for customised test machines has been extraordinary and the tendency continuous in 2023. During spring 2023, Tram A/S plans to deliver new machines to customers in four continents, and especially the global construction industry is a major buyer of the customised solutions. Knud Sørensen, the CEO of Tram A/S, notices that investments in optimisations in multiple construction related industries are growing.

“There is a massive demand. We have many interesting projects in the loop, and a multiple amount of them requires innovative IT-developments and mechanical constructions. The requirements for documentation of materials are increasingly rising, which influences a huge number of our costumers”, says Knud Sørensen and elaborates on the fact that Tram A/S plans to construct test machines to global companies in the concrete industry. Furthermore, he highlights the fact that companies specialised in plastic, gypsum, and isolation materials have an increasing demand for test and documentation of materials as well. Despite of the current stop in the construction industry, this industry is still expected to grow the upcoming years. At the same time, the demand for new sustainable materials will increase significantly.

“This is already something that we notice. There are multiple new building materials on the way, recycled materials among others. This increases the demand for new test procedures”, concludes Knud Sørensen.  

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