A positive outcome in a difficult time


Despite a worldwide pandemic, our customers across the world are still investing in new equipment. Because of the new harden demand on material documentations, we have increased our demands for upgrading and reconstructing new testing solutions – a demand we indulge in here at Tram.

The second wave of the Coronavirus has left a mark on the world, and we are no exception here. The restrictions around the world have made it difficult to deliver and help our customer install their new testing machines. However this does not mean that the orders have stopped.

A positive outcome is the new material documentation demands that several industries have implemented. For us, it has led to a new flow in the orders. Here the process in the sale has been shortened. These demands particularly apply to the plastic industry and the concrete and construction industry. The demands in these industries have to be held and the standards of the material have to be fulfilled. With more than 30 years of experience within developing mechanical test of materials, we have an advantage, wherefore the harden material documentations have had a positive implication for our productions supply.

An article published by Metal-supply on 11. November. For the full article go to Metal Supply here to read more.