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Pendulum Impact Tester

The Pendulum Imact Tester offers a unique solution for generating, filing and displaying quality data. It is built around an instrumented impact tester and offers a fast and effective way of generating and presenting data for quality reports for products such as plastics and fibre-cement boards. It comes with Tram-QA, a Windows-based QA-software, which offers a data filing and retrieving system providing instant access to reports on previously tested specimens. It is ideally suited to quality assurance and process control as well as research and development. It can easily be set-up for relevant national standards.

The machine can be supplied with several set of supports for different sample sizes, and with several sizes of hammer-head for different impact energies. The supports are designed to ensure parallel contact between the edge of the hammer and the surface of the sample, even for a warped sample. The pendulum is then manually moved to the start position. When released, the hammer swings down on the sample.

Our range of impact testers include two different variants: The PIT 4 and PIT 8 testers are made specifically for testing samples of fibre cement sheets. The PIT 1-5J and PIT 7.5-50J are general-purpose Charpy testers, which can be used for a wide range of materials. These testers are made according to the ISO 179 standard, to ensure that they can be used for most tests.

Like others in the range of Tram Testers, the Pendulum Impact Tester offers an easy-to-use environment, and the possibility to create instant product-quality reports.

PIT 1-5JPIT 4PIT 7.5-50JPIT 8
Supply VoltageVia computer control system.
Control systemPC with MS Windows - and USB connection.
Impact energy1-5J4J7.5-50J8J
Speed at impact2.9 m/sec.3.3 m/sec.3.8 m/sec.
Impact energy resolution0.001 J0.001 J

ISO 179Determination of Charpy impact properties

The test machine is based on stiff frame construction, with an anglular/velocity sensor connected to the impact-hammer.The addition of TRAM-QA Quality Assurance software for Windows makes the system a powerful "automatic machine" for generating, filing and displaying quality data from impact testing. The software is simple to use and the operator will grow familiar with the test machine after a very short time, even if he has no experience in operating a computer. The software can be supplied in national languages if required.

The unique principle of recording the kinetic energy of the hammer during the testing gives a “picture” of the energy absorbed during the different stages of the fracture. This feature is ideal for research and development of composite materials. At the same time the impact energy is calculated according to standards. The software even include a calibration procedure.

The equipment offers a great opportunity to improve quality management through instantaneous data generation. In spite of the highly advanced automatic testing procedure, operation is easy.

Due to the modular design of the software, a customized system can also be supplied.

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